Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Fear and excitement

I am packing my bags and preparing myself for a trip. I am going to visit a country I have never visited before - the USA. I am making a list of the things I still need to pack and doing my research on the places I am going to visit. I will be attending a summer course there with my colleagues. So I have company during the journey and also during the stay. It should be fun. But there is this weird feeling in my heart. I think my heart is beating loud enough for my friend sitting in front of me to hear. I am excited because I will also be meeting a few old buddies there. I am scared though, I do not know of what. I will be going to a place I have heard a lot about and experienced a little bit through movies from that country and photos of my friends who live there. Change is coming, and there is both fear and excitement inside of me...

Unbreakable bonds

Some people love you no matter what. They not only accept you with all of your imperfections, but also treasure you for everything that you are. Unconditional love is what you receive from them. You may hurt them, fight with them, but they just cannot stop caring for you. Basically the bond between you and them is so strong that it stands the test of time. It does not break come what may, whether disagreements or changing situations. Life is relationships, some say, and if you do have such people in your life who want to be with you forever, treasure them back.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

It's your luck

I believe that finding love has everything to do with luck or destiny - whatever you may choose to call it. If its meant to happen, it does and no amount of forcing can ever help. Lucky are those people who found love early on in their lives without prior heartbreaks. It has nothing to do with the kind of person you are - whether introverted or extroverted, adventurous or not, smart or otherwise. Just because a person turns heads around thanks to their good looks does not mean he/she should have found love easily. Such a person may get a lot of attention from the opposite gender but may not ever experience true love. Love has to strike twice, you have to be lucky enough to receive affection from the same person that you love. The willingness to make the relationship work - and from both sides - no matter what problems crop up - is what is needed for a long lasting relationship. It sure depends on your efforts too but you have to have it in your destiny to meet a person who is willing to be with you no matter what and what is equally important is finding  person you would fight the world for. 'Love is moment that lasts forever' they say, but it lasts only when both involved want it to last. And for that to happen, luck is what you need.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Alternate career options

I have this list of about half a dozen alternate career options and I always wonder what could have been had I not chosen to be in science. When things in work seem really difficult and frustrating, I like to fantasize about my hobbies or interests which I never considered turning into a career.

And here is the list:
a. A dancer - I love dance. I cannot imagine a life where I do not get time to dance. Dance is mine...I love dancing and watching other people dance. There also was a time when I seriously thought about being a professional dancer. But I let it remain a hobby.

b. A travel writer - There are these people who travel far and wide and write about their experiences in magazines or newspapers. I would love to do that! So you travel to nice places and earn money by writing about it! Sounds cool, eh?

c. A script writer - Sometimes when I watch a crappy film I always think about a nice story that could have been converted into a film. I have written a couple of stories and I think they are pretty good. A certain KJo could probably hire me as a script writer! 

d. Event manager - Meeting new people, making arrangements for a huge event is something I would enjoy very much. You have to work hard for all this, you have to be able to communicate well. I don't know whether I will be able to do this, but it sure is a fun thing to do!

e. A cook - Well I love cooking and staring a nice Indian restaurant abroad is never too bad for your pocket!

f. A social worker - Everyone thinks about doing something valuable for the society in general. Doing whatever little we can to help the poor or needy people around us always gives us joy. I hope someday I actually do some social work and not just dream about it.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

A realization

"To err is human" they say. She knew this and she believed in it. But always found it extremely hard to forgive herself and even took resort to self-loathing. Never did she think that she would do such a wrong deed. But guilt was the best punishment for her. She felt empty and dead from the inside. "Its all life is over..." is what she thought. Unhappiness can kill you from the inside. As she wiped her tears, the phone rang. It was her mother. That amazing, happy voice. Those words that make you feel so much better within minutes...they are a mother's soothing words. Her mother said that she was proud of her. Mother said that she is the best daughter in the world...:) And instantly, she realized it...she realized that all was not over yet. No matter how sad she was from the inside, it was her duty to make her parents proud and give them all the happiness that they deserve. That was now going to be the purpose of her life - to try to spread happiness wherever she went and amongst whoever she met; be it friends, family or strangers and doing this would someday give her inner  peace and happiness. Feeling much better, she went to bed.

Past and present

We never forget the past, we only stop being bothered by it. Some names will always be remembered. We cannot forget what they said or did, nor can we forget what we said or did. No, we do not forget what we felt about them. But thankfully, our feelings change. What we feel about them at the present moment is different. The present changes the past. Thank God for that.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The best moment in my life...

That one day in the last week of July...I came back home after 2 months of summer intership from Hyderabad. I was really happy and full of amazing memories of my time in Hyderabad Central University. It was the first time that I had ever stayed in a hostel and the first time that I was away from home with enough money in my hands to spend on fancy stuff. I had made some cool friends there. It was a productive period of two months where I learnt new things and was feeling satisfied with my work. I had gained the appreciation of my guide in the project. With this wonderful combination of work satifaction, freedom, new experiences, a more confident and changed being, I came back to beloved Pune, my hometown. On one hand, I felt sad to leave Hyderabad but on the other, I was more than excited to meet family and friends again. Whats more, they were eagerly waiting for me too. The sweet memories of Hyderabad combined with the anticipation of a grand welcome in Pune! I came back home and met with my family. In the afternoon, I left for college and as I entered my department building, my friends were standing there all together discussing something. Overjoyed, they all came up to me and hugged me and I was ecstatic to see them again. Life was perfect. Life was beautiful at that moment. It was the best moment in my life.