Sunday, January 26, 2014

Alternate career options

I have this list of about half a dozen alternate career options and I always wonder what could have been had I not chosen to be in science. When things in work seem really difficult and frustrating, I like to fantasize about my hobbies or interests which I never considered turning into a career.

And here is the list:
a. A dancer - I love dance. I cannot imagine a life where I do not get time to dance. Dance is mine...I love dancing and watching other people dance. There also was a time when I seriously thought about being a professional dancer. But I let it remain a hobby.

b. A travel writer - There are these people who travel far and wide and write about their experiences in magazines or newspapers. I would love to do that! So you travel to nice places and earn money by writing about it! Sounds cool, eh?

c. A script writer - Sometimes when I watch a crappy film I always think about a nice story that could have been converted into a film. I have written a couple of stories and I think they are pretty good. A certain KJo could probably hire me as a script writer! 

d. Event manager - Meeting new people, making arrangements for a huge event is something I would enjoy very much. You have to work hard for all this, you have to be able to communicate well. I don't know whether I will be able to do this, but it sure is a fun thing to do!

e. A cook - Well I love cooking and staring a nice Indian restaurant abroad is never too bad for your pocket!

f. A social worker - Everyone thinks about doing something valuable for the society in general. Doing whatever little we can to help the poor or needy people around us always gives us joy. I hope someday I actually do some social work and not just dream about it.

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