Saturday, January 25, 2014

A realization

"To err is human" they say. She knew this and she believed in it. But always found it extremely hard to forgive herself and even took resort to self-loathing. Never did she think that she would do such a wrong deed. But guilt was the best punishment for her. She felt empty and dead from the inside. "Its all life is over..." is what she thought. Unhappiness can kill you from the inside. As she wiped her tears, the phone rang. It was her mother. That amazing, happy voice. Those words that make you feel so much better within minutes...they are a mother's soothing words. Her mother said that she was proud of her. Mother said that she is the best daughter in the world...:) And instantly, she realized it...she realized that all was not over yet. No matter how sad she was from the inside, it was her duty to make her parents proud and give them all the happiness that they deserve. That was now going to be the purpose of her life - to try to spread happiness wherever she went and amongst whoever she met; be it friends, family or strangers and doing this would someday give her inner  peace and happiness. Feeling much better, she went to bed.

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