Wednesday, January 29, 2014

It's your luck

I believe that finding love has everything to do with luck or destiny - whatever you may choose to call it. If its meant to happen, it does and no amount of forcing can ever help. Lucky are those people who found love early on in their lives without prior heartbreaks. It has nothing to do with the kind of person you are - whether introverted or extroverted, adventurous or not, smart or otherwise. Just because a person turns heads around thanks to their good looks does not mean he/she should have found love easily. Such a person may get a lot of attention from the opposite gender but may not ever experience true love. Love has to strike twice, you have to be lucky enough to receive affection from the same person that you love. The willingness to make the relationship work - and from both sides - no matter what problems crop up - is what is needed for a long lasting relationship. It sure depends on your efforts too but you have to have it in your destiny to meet a person who is willing to be with you no matter what and what is equally important is finding  person you would fight the world for. 'Love is moment that lasts forever' they say, but it lasts only when both involved want it to last. And for that to happen, luck is what you need.

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