Friday, August 9, 2013

Two Women

   It was the month of July and I had gone there for a short summer course. The place was beautiful and to add to it, we were a group of thirty odd people who were keen on exploring what the city had to offer. I became friends with this girl instantly. She was my age, and our wavelengths matched well. We did crazy things together, learnt about each other's cultures and had a great time partying and dancing. Many evenings were spent talking to each other about "women" stuff. Cant really explain what that consisted of, but it always felt so much better to talk about it. Being from different countries, we still had so much in common. I got to know from her about her little sister who is a differently-abled person. I was so inspired and amazed at how people have to face so many obstacles and challenges in life and yet they manage to do so much. The rest of us, who are a little more fortunate, complain about the smallest of the problems. Anyway, getting to know her was a blessing really. To think that two women from such different backgrounds can bond together so well as friends is really nice. Life is funny, exactly when I needed some perspective on certain things, help in some matters, I happened to meet this person who guided me accordingly. Destiny and its weird ways...

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