Sunday, March 3, 2013


       Most days are similar to each other. I wake up every morning and say to myself - 'Wonder what today has to offer me :) Will I meet someone interesting? Will something great happen today? Will it be a memorable day?' While traveling in the bus that takes me to office I think about the things I have to accomplish during the day. I make mental notes about what work remains pending, or what new ideas I can come up with to solve problems. The same charade everyday. Sometimes even during the most monotonous of days - beautiful things happen - a stranger behaved very friendly or kind, someone told me a funny story, or sometimes I helped a person. At times at the end of a busy day I feel satisfied thinking how productive the day was. It is these little things that break the monotony. Maybe I should start finding happiness in these trivial things because not everyday is going to be a party, but these 'normal' days are definitely going to lead up to a 'BIG' day. After all, even one day can change life completely.....!

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