Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The lone traveller

In the past few months, I have been pretty much on my own. Away from friends and family and having set my foot on the foreign land for the first time in my life, I travelled a lot to many places on my own. I explored the new city, its malls, cafes, parks and streets- all by myself. I must say, it was wonderful! Really amazing! Once in a while, travel alone. Just you, a camera, and some money. Go to a nice, beautiful place, a lake, a beach, a village, whatever you like the best. Walk the tranquil roads by yourself. You will enjoy, and will spend some quality time with yourself. Try taking nice pictures of the place. Socialize with random people, the other tourists, and you will realize that humans are the same everywhere (unless you are very unlucky to meet grumpy people). All this time that I spent journeying alone, I got to know myself a little better. For everyone, there has to be something, that is the most important to them in their life. It may be their family, career, a loved one, their hobby, or anything else. I realized my 'ground' in life, my 'fall-back pillar'..the things most important to me. And therefore I say, pick up your bag and start a little trip with you and yourself!!

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