Friday, January 18, 2013

Make me feel better..

I am sometimes scared of wonderful and fun moments. Because you know, they come to an end. Then you have to move on. You have to miss those special people with whom you spent amazing times. Very recently I was on a vacation with some really lovable people. One of those friends is passionate about music. She asked me, "Do you know the song 10 o clock postman"?

10 'o clock postman bring me her letter
10 'o clock postman make me feel better...

Make me feel better....Most of my folks are away from me. Even the people I spent my vacation with. Even though I am enjoying my life and the work keeps me busy, I miss home and friends once in a while. I feel nostalgic. The things that keep me going are the emails, messages and the photographs. Why I love the song "10 'o clock postman" is because I totally understand and feel the emotion behind it. Reading a letter or an email from a dear one helps us to not miss them much. I read and re-read those emails. Maybe life is all about making those wonderful memories with wonderful people, and thinking about them when you are away from them. It is these emails, and the letters and also the postcards that make us feel much, much, better.

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